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Dental Hygiene

Welcome to Roseville Dental, where we prioritise your dental hygiene as a crucial component of your overall well-being.

Our team of skilled and caring dental hygienists is dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of care to ensure your smile remains healthy, vibrant, and free from dental issues.

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Hygiene at Roseville Dental

Dental examinations alone aren't enough to future-proof your mouth, and we encourage you to visit our expert hygienist every six months too. A great way to remind yourself is by scheduling your hygiene appointments and routine examinations together.

​No matter how thoroughly you brush, you will always miss something - your brush simply can't reach all the places it needs to. Our hygienist will clean your teeth with specialist tools to dislodge plaque and tartar from the places you can’t reach. This thorough clean will significantly reduce your risk of gum disease and tooth decay, as well as remove unsightly surface stains from your teeth.


Periodontal Gum Care

Periodontal disease is very common in adults. It is caused by the bacteria in our mouth that forms form plaque on our teeth. Without routine brushing and flossing, it continues to build up, forming tartar. This can lead to inflammation of the gums (Gingivitis) which can lead to shrinkage of the bone and supporting structures of the teeth (Periodontitis).

People with periodontal disease can have red and swollen gums that often bleed quite easily. It may be hard to eat because their teeth are so sensitive. They may be missing teeth. Some people with periodontal disease have very bad breath.

We diagnose periodontal disease by examining your teeth. We also use a probe to look for any problem areas. X-rays are also necessary to diagnose the disease. Once your periodontal disease is under control, good home care with brushing and flossing should help to keep it from coming back.

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Airflow at Roseville Dental

At Roseville Dental we pride ourselves of delivering solutions to give you the amazing smile you deserve. Everyday use of our teeth can lead to stains building up which can lead to them looking brown and dark.

Airflow is a cutting-edge dental hygiene treatment that utilizes a combination of air, water, and a specially formulated powder to remove stubborn stains, plaque, and bacteria from your teeth. This advanced technology allows for a more thorough and comfortable cleaning experience, leaving your smile refreshed and revitalized.


We're ready to welcome you

We are currently accepting new patients at Roseville Dental! Whether you need routine dental care or cosmetic treatment, our team of experienced professionals is here to provide you with personalised, top-quality care that will help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

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